Primum non nocere... "First, do no harm."

stardate 84423.4

Personal log.
Captain, USS Mercy.

Something is definitely not right. As I said in my log yesterday, I’ve been experiencing some strange dreams as of late, even when I’m not sleeping. Today things have gone in a whole new direction though.

I was having my morning tea in my quarters this morning. Carol had already left for the day (she’s currently assigned to the delta shift) and Arthur was sleeping in his room. Suddenly, I heard a sound coming from the bedroom area. I couldn’t identify it – it was more of a dull thump than anything. Putting down my tea, I quickly retrieved my hand phaser from the secure storage area and crept into the bedroom. I heard the sound again, a dull thump. Once I was in the bedroom, I realized the sound was coming from the closet.

Bracing myself, I stepped forward and pushed the door release. As the door slid open, I stepped backward pointing my phaser into the recesses of the closet.

Except there was no closet.

The door didn’t open to reveal the rows of uniforms and off-duty clothes I expected to see. Instead, it opened into a strange corridor lit with a greenish hue. I had an irresistible compulsion to go down the hallway. Although everything rational faculty in my mind was screaming not to enter, it was as though I’d lost control of my limbs, as though my physical body and mind had become separated somehow. As I stepped into the corridor, the door closed behind me, disappearing into the darkness.

The air was acrid and heavy. Humid. The walls, ceiling and floor were moist, apparently covered with some sort of thick, liquid coating. I knew I wasn’t dreaming, and despite my mental protests, I did not feel fear. Intellectually I knew I wasn’t being safe, but my body continued onward down the corridor against my mental protestations.

I travelled forward, perhaps ten meters, before coming to a large barrier. What can best be described as a door. Like the other surfaces, it was covered with a thick mucous-like substance. I could see my hand raising up and reaching out to the door. As my fingers touched the surface, I could feel the sensation of the liquid between my fingers but I had no control over my movements. I felt like an observer in my own body.
As I pulled my hand away, the door disappeared, revealing a large, circular chamber. In the centre of the chamber was what appeared to be a chair of some sort, and on that chair was a creature.

It wasn’t large, perhaps a meter and a half tall, but it was completely alien. I’ve been exposed to many strange life forms in my time with Starfleet, but this creature nearly defied description. It appeared to be comprised largely of a thick liquid-like substance with no visible sensory organs. Where one would expect to see a mouth was a large transparent tendril that waved hypnotically. Below this were several smaller tentacles that were still.

As I stood there, the creature moved forward, a sliding movement more akin to water flowing downhill than any sort of locomotion I’d seen before. As it drew closer, it emitted a low gurgling sound. I knew somehow that the creature was not angry or aggressive. It was trying to communicate something to me, but I couldn’t understand.

As it drew closer to me, it’s small tentacles extended, brushing against my hands. The sensation was almost akin to that of a jellyfish sting. Despite the pain, I couldn’t draw away.

The next thing I knew I woke up in sickbay. Draymen, my medical officer, informed me that they had located me in my quarters, unconscious and I’d been comatose for nearly 5 days. My hands had been badly burnt. According to the medical scanners, they’d been exposed to a highly alkaline substance which had left severe chemical burns.

I immediately called for a full sensor sweep of the area and placed the ship under red alert. After relaying my story to the senior bridge crew, I set them the task of finding out what was going on. This is more than just a dream. This is more than just in my mind.

Something strange is happening here.

stardate 84408.32

Personal log.
Captain, USS Mercy.

The last 12 hours have been extremely disconcerting.

It began last night. After Carol and I had put Arthur to bed for the night, she and I played a game of chess. We went to bed a little earlier than usual, at 21:00.

That’s when things began to get very strange.

I had the most vivid dream I’d ever had. So vivid that I still wonder if it wasn’t real.

I was standing on the bridge, completely alone. We were at red alert. The bridge was bathed in a strange green light and the sound of the klaxons was all round me. I remember feeling strangely at ease, as though I knew everything was going to be okay despite the situation. I looked up at the viewscreen and there was a ship I had never seen before. It was massive, but I didn’t feel afraid. For some reason I knew that it wouldn’t harm me or my crew.

I was awakened suddenly by the comm. Starfleet Command had sent a priority one signal from Earth diverting the Mercy to the Rolor Nebula. We were being called upon to search for True Way ships hiding in the Nebula. The USS Relentless, an escort, was being sent with us to provide support. After I dressed, I began to make my way to the bridge. When I got there everything seemed normal. Then I glanced at the viewscreen and the ship, the same ship from my dream, was displayed there. I turned to my tactical officer and ordered a red alert, but when I turned my attention back to the screen, there was nothing there.

The bridge crew must have thought I was losing my mind. We scoured the sensor logs, but they showed no indication of any ship or any unusual readings. I even had my CMO run a full neurological scan on me, but it didn’t show anything.

Maybe the stress is starting to get to me.