Primum non nocere... "First, do no harm."

stardate 84300.21

Personal log.
Captain, USS Madhav.

I received a communiqué from Earth this morning. Seems that dad’s fallen ill and had to be taken to the hospital for medical care. It shouldn’t feel like such a shock – he’s been sick for a long time. It seems as though Iverson’s is finally going to win out. He’s still mentally capable, but his body can’t carry on. In the message, mom said that his lungs and heart are starting to fail. They could maintain him artificially, but he’s already made the decision that it’s time to go.

For someone in this age to die at 65 is unbelievable, but it shows me that even with our advanced medical understanding, there’s still more to know. Mom and dad talked and decided to end support tomorrow at noon. I won’t be able to get back – the border patrols are extremely busy as of late. The Romulans seem, more and more, to be taking shots at our border colonies. Mom understands, and said that dad did too. I contacted command and they indicated that we could return to Sol in a week, once the Antigone gets here to replace us on patrol. Mom said she could hold the memorial once I get back. I always knew this was inevitable given dad’s condition, but it doesn’t make the reality any easier. I just hope that I can help Arthur to understand.