Primum non nocere... "First, do no harm."

stardate 84189.79

Personal log.
Acting Captain, USS Hippocrates.

I received new orders today from Commander Sulu. We were assigned to patrol several systems in the Orion Sector. First on the agenda was the Reytan System. Seems the Orions were disrupting trade routes again. I’m still having a hard time reconciling our mandate as a medical ship with our assignments as a military vessel. Even still, it’s definitely in the best interest of the sector and the quadrant that the Orion threat is neutralized.

I was able to spare a few minutes today to talk to Arthur back on Earth. Seems command has its privileges, with use of the sub-space array being one of them. It’s hard to believe how much he’s grown in the few months I’ve been assigned to the Hippocrates. He’s already taking his first steps. My parents have been wonderful with him and they’ve been more than willing to watch him while Carol and I are unable to be on Earth.

I’ve been debating requesting a transfer for Carol to get her onto the Hippocrates and maybe even having Arthur onboard with us. I just don’t know if it’s worth the risk. I’m not going to lie – it’s been lonely the last three months out here. Command is a burden and while I think my crew is more than capable of the assignments we’ve received, I couldn’t say I consider any of them to be my friends. I’ve asked Carol for advice, and she thinks that Arthur would be happy onboard with us – a lot of children have grown up on starships and been none the worse for the wear. Still, she’s yet to see active duty. The Ontario is still in drydock being retrofitted with modern weapon and shield systems. I wonder if she might change her mine when she sees what it`s like out here. I still find it hard to believe they’re pulling the old Miranda and Constitution class ships out of mothballs – almost makes me wonder about our chances.

Anyhow, we’re off to the Regulus Sector on more patrol missions. We’ll see how things go. If I can do well out here I may be up for a promotion – maybe I can have Carol transferred. Then, we can think more seriously about Arthur.