Primum non nocere... "First, do no harm."

stardate 84184.76

Coroner’s Report
Patient Name: Emmett Rudolph Joss
Age: 22
Date of death: stardate 2438.77
Attending Physician: Dr. Daniel Carver

Patient suffered a major laceration of the carotid artery, both inner and outer, caused by a dull serrated blade during an away mission. Blood loss was immediate and substantial. Despite quick application of liquid polyderm and infusion of artificial platelets, the patient’s blood loss was too substantial to be overcome using field techniques and materials.

Patient’s death occurred at 2438.77

End report.

Commanding Officer’s Report
Ensign Joss was ordered to beam down to a trading station in the Argelius system, that was suspected of harbouring smugglers. Other team members included the commanding officer (Lt. Daniel Carver), tactical officer (Ensign T’Fren), and engineering officer (Ensign Laroche). During the mission Klingon resistance was encountered. Following standard procedure (Starfleet Field Manual, article 2.33), Ensign Joss was designated the point-man for the away team. During an enter and sweep procedure, Ensign Joss entered a large cargo holding area at the fore of the group, followed by Ensign T`Fren and Ensign Laroche with Lt. Carver taking the rear. A small group of Klingons were hidden behind a number of large transport pods. As Ensign Joss turned to give the team the clear signal, one of the Klingons leapt forward from hiding, drawing a large serrated blade (known as a mevak). The Klingon grasped Ensign Joss by the head, using the blade to slice across his neck (see Coroner`s report for details of damage). After the away team cleared the Klingon threat, emergency medical procedures were followed, but Ensign Joss` blood loss was too great and died on the station. His body was transported back to the USS Hippocrates.

A commendation for remarkable service is recommended for Ensign Joss as he executed his orders and served his ship with distinction and care.

Ensign Joss`remain should be transported to Risa, where he is survived by his parents (Thomas and Frances Joss).

End report.