Primum non nocere... "First, do no harm."

stardate 84267.62

Personal log.
Acting Captain, USS Tycho Brahe.

Our trip to Earth was a smashing success. The crew loved the break from the field and my paper was extremely well received – I even had some interest from the Daystrom Institute in expanding on my research. Most importantly, Carol and I had an opportunity to see Arthur. I can’t believe how big he’s gotten. He’s walking and starting to speak in simple sentences. It’s amazing to see the changes in him over the past few months. I talked to Carol, and after a lot of debate, we decided to bring Arthur onboard with us. It wasn’t an easy decision – we know the risks, but both of us feel like we’re missing out on his whole childhood. Neither of us wants to give up those experiences.

On another note, I’ve been called to a meeting with Admiral Quinn tomorrow. I’m curious to see what it’s about. I suppose I’ll know soon enough.