Primum non nocere... "First, do no harm."

stardate 84284.29

Personal log.
Captain, USS Madhav.

Well, so much for a few months in the Afehirr Nebula to test out my theories. Seems there’s a dearth of ships patrolling our borders with the Romulans and so the Madhav has been recalled to border patrol. As part of our patrol duties, we’ve also been instructed to “extend a hand of friendship” to any Romulan world or colonies who might be interested in Federation protection. It seems that with the general collapse of the Romulan Empire, the Federation is hoping to make friends out of our one-time enemies. The Madhav is well suited to spreading good will among the Romulans. We just recently put in to Starbase 39 and restocked our medical and humanitarian supplies (the latter is Starfleet code for food rations for colony worlds that are starving).

As an interesting aside, the Madhav, and by extension her crew (including myself) have been assigned to the Sierra Defense Fleet. This shouldn’t have a major impact on our assignments or missions, but with this new assignment we may be called upon to participate in general fleet movements or actions as coordinated by our Fleet Admiral, Admiral Allahweh Lucia Brahman. It seems Starfleet is looking to create more cohesive battle groups in order to facilitate the movement of ships and troops throughout the various sectors. For the most part, the fleet seems to be a good bunch, though I’ve met only a handful of the officers so far. But, as they say, the more the merrier.