Primum non nocere... "First, do no harm."

stardate 84284.07

Lab Report (MADHAV-912A-1231C2)

Working with Mr. Laroche, I’ve been able to make some modification to the cortical stimulator we’ve been using to test my theories on neural decay. However, until further simulations are completed, I am holding off on further tests. Based on my calculations using the results of the first test, I failed to take into account the potential interference of Higgs boson particles and tauons. Fascinatingly, it seems that a major part of our synaptic activity is controlled not only by the movement of electrons through the neurons and axons, but that the spin of the elementary particles, the interaction between the electrons and other elementary particles and the wave pattern of both the electrons and other elementary particles within the brain tissue. Essentially, it seems that the interaction between the various elementary particles within the brain tissue (as very clearly delineated in the works of Dr. T’Sol of Vulcan) creates what is, in essence, a personal sub-space “pocket”, for lack of a better word, in which the interactions between the physical brain tissue and the elementary particles operate in ways that are not described by the typical laws of physics, but operate according to an entirely different set of laws, which I have not yet fully begun to explore.

This sub-space pocket is extremely intriguing insofar as it corresponds to many cultures idea of a “mind” as separate from the merely physical and chemical reactions of the body. Further exploration of this idea may even allow me to understand how brain injuries, mental illness and other neurological diseases are the result of improper connection between the physical object of the brain and the sub-space laws which influence its operation. Fortunately, the Afehirr Nebula is an ideal testing ground for these theories. With the proper instrumentation, the naturally occurring sub-space pulses in the nebula allow for brief observations into the mental sub-space pockets of a given patient and an examination of the laws governing interaction of the particles therein. If we can have a few months to test the theories we may be able to refine my calculations and make my modified cortical stimulator effective and practical for real-world medical applications.