Primum non nocere... "First, do no harm."

stardate 84280.19

Personal log.
Captain, USS Madhav.

Good news today – I’ve received a communiqué from Starfleet authorizing me to take the Madhav to the Afehirr Nebula where the crew and I will have the opportunity to run a number of experiments. The Nebula has a number of variable pulse sub-space pockets that interact with normal space in a very unique way. I know that the Astrometrics and Stellar Cartography staff are extremely excited as they’ll get to chart some previously unexplored systems. My real interest, though, is in testing some of my theories around the interaction between sub-space fields, brain tissue, and naturally occurring muons. If my theories prove correct, I may be able to create a process by which neural decay due to age can be slowed, or even eliminated. This kind of process could help to cure a number of diseases – Clarke’s Disease, Bendii Syndrome, and even Pa’nar Syndrome, to name a few. In essence, if we can understand how neural tissue degrades at the sub-atomic level, and use sub-space pulse technology to slow, or even stop, that degradation, we can eliminate almost all degenerative neural conditions.

With the help of my Chief Engineer, Lt. Commander Laroche, I’ve managed to create a prototype device using a modified cortical stimulator. If my theories are correct, we should be able to force the sub-space pulses in the Nebula to interact with the modified stimulator in order to completely halt all neural degradation (even the normal degradation caused by the simple passage of time). If I’m successful in doing so, my next step will be to incorporate some sort of sub-space pulse generator into the device, so we won’t have to rely on the naturally occurring pulses in the Nebula. However, Laroche assures me that once we have a proper survey of the pulses, this shouldn’t be a difficult task.