Primum non nocere... "First, do no harm."

stardate 84281.55

Lab Report (MADHAV-912A-1231C1)

After running the requisite simulated tests (200 tests, referenced in file MADHAV-912A-1231A1), and achieving a 99% success and safety rating (as per Starfleet Scientific Procedures Regulation 3.22.1A), I have received authorization from Starfleet Medical to attempt testing of the modified cortical stimulator on human subjects. Given the sensitivity of brain tissue, and the potential danger to the test subject, I have elected to test the device on myself (Commander Daniel Carver).

After positioning the Madhav within range of one of the naturally occurring sub-space pulses in the Afehirr Nebula (1.25km from the centre of the pulse, optimal distance based on simulations), the device was applied by my Chief Medical Officer, Lt. Commander Draymen. Upon activation of the device, initial scans indicated a 97% decrease in neural degradation.

After approximately 1 minute, the test subject (Commander Daniel Carver) lost all sense of time and memory. The device was applied for a total of 5 minutes, 12 seconds. Neurological scans performed after the testing period, indicate that Commander Carver accrued only one minute of new memories and suffered only 1 millisecond of neural decay. This seems to indicate that the device, coupled with the sub-space pulses, does slow, and nearly halt, neurological decay. However, it would seem that in doing so, the device also inhibits neurological function and the accumulation of memory. Further research into the role of muons in memory acquisition and neurological function is required in order to further refine the device.

End report.